Top tips to clean and maintain suede shoes

For brand new suede shoes, I recommend scotch guarding your shoes for protection and water proofing. Use gum suede for cleaning suede shoes of surface dirt, a suede brush to gently brush and maintain the suede. a suede cleaner to remove staining and clean suede shoes, and use a renovating spray to add colour back to shoes. (The best products for this are WOLY)

Top tips to clean and maintain leather shoes

Scotch guard shoes for protection and water proofing, polish to renovate colour, apply a neutral shoe cream to moisture the leather and prevent from drying, use a leather cleaner to remove staining and shine spray shoes to keep a nice finish. (Again, I'd recommend WOLY. Their wax and shine spray are perfect)

Is it a good idea to re-sole your shoes as soon as you buy them?

It is a good idea to have rubber overlays placed on your shoes. This will keep the soles waterproof and also provide some grip. If the shoes are not snug, we suggest breaking into them and applying rubber soles after 2-3 weeks wear.

What should I do when the leather on my heel lifts? Is it easy to fix?

If they are slightly scuffed, they can be tidied and polished over. However, if they are quite damaged, they can be recovered with new leather. This means the original leather would be removed from the heels and replaced with new leather.

How should I store my shoes at home?

In their boxes! And preferably take a photo of the shoe (if the shoe box does not already have this on the outside) so that they can be kept in order. Shoe trees and boot tress are the best option for keeping shoes in their shape - also the tissue which the designer provides in the shoe boxes which is stuffed inside the shoe is also perfect and plays the same role as a 'tree'. I'd advise keeping the shoes away from direct sunlight and in cool storage as this prevents the leather and colour from deteriorating.